Youtubers I follow!


Hello my loves,
Today I am gonna talk about the you-tubers that I follow.
Some of them I follow for years others I follow recently.

I have some international you-tubers and some from the Netherlands and I will begin with the international you-tubers.

I follow here for years! I think she is the first international you-tuber that I follow! I remember the day's that she filmed in here bedroom in here parents house! I loved the style she had. The smokey eyes and big lashes! A here eyebrows.. I loved them! I thought they were perfect.
She is from Australia.

I follow here also for a long time. I don't know for how long but I remember here with short blond hair. I loved here style and how she was. I loved how she did her makeup but also the video's about how she felt at the time. She is very inspiring to me.
The is from the US.

I found here on instagram. That is years ago! At the time she had very colorful hair and very heavy eye makeup. I love how she is. And how she explained different techniques. Also, here creativity like here recreation of Pokemon. I love here.
She is from the US.

I follow here for 2 years new I think. I loved how she was. How she look at things. I learned a lot of different things from here. I learned a lot about oily skin. That's really great because I have oily skin to! Also, I love here girl talk video's!
She is from the US.

She was different from the others that I follow. She had different techniques. She was somethings sweet and I don't know I loved how she was. She was very open about that happened in her life and how she felt.
She is from the US.

Ow My God! I love this women! She is so inspiring to me! She is very spontaneous and tries a lot of different looks. She is very humanistic and I love all of here video's I also follow here on snap chat and damn what a woman! She also has a vlogg channel with here house band Stefan and I like that as well it is called The Perkins. When the upload a video I have to see it!
They are from the US.

This woman... I follow here for years. 3 years. She just started on YouTube. I loved the makeup looks what she did and how she did it. She explained everything very well and I still learn a lot from here. She is so inspiring to me she started from nothing a look what she became! Colab's with Becca and here highlighter is permanent from new! I am so proud of here! When she uploads a video I have to look at it!
She is from the US.

Tati.. I follow for a year now, And She is very versatile. She reviews drugstore and high end and extremely expensive makeup. She shows's you everything of the products and I think it is very helpful! I learn a lot of products because of here. So you if you want to learn a lot about products you have to take a look!
She is from the US.

I follow here for 2 years new I think. I love how she is and how hard she has been working on everything. On here Xo Beauty brushes and lashes! I love here vlogs and the creative looks she makes. Also, al the first impressions. Also, here colab with BH cosmetics is very nice I have the pallet and I love it !
She is from New-Zealand

I love this men. How he is and that he don't give a shit about the opinion of others. He starts his video's always with If you don't like me don't f*cking watch it. And also his latest video with the lipd*cks. I love it! I love how hard he is working on his channel and that he shows that It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman and you love makeup and that's okay!!
He is from the US.

I know that a lot of people hate him but I love him! He is very true for him self. I love how he is creative and do what he likes! Not what everybody likes! You love or hate him and I love him!
He is from the US.

Danielle I follow for a long time. From when she has a small channel and I have seen here grow. Not only her makeup skills but also personal. She has a lot of video's about personal stuff and I love that. She started here own company and I am very proud of here.
She was born in GB and lives new in Australia.

I follow here for a year now and I love her. I have talked with here and she is so sweet! She makes the most perfect eye looks and has here own lash company! I love it that she is so sweet when you sent here a text. And she is a Dutchy like me ! (Fryske famkes haha)
She is from the Netherlands.

So I really have to say anything? I think everybody know's here. She is so creative and funny. I love here. She makes the most glam and colorful looks. I love it ! I love how she can learn you think. She is also a Dutchy.
She is from the Netherlands.

She is a very sweet girl! She is very real with her followers and I love that. She says what is in her head and how she feels. She has very nice looks and is really clear in how she does things. I love here as a person.
She is from the US.

I Follow here for the same time as Desi Perkins. Their best friends. I love here because she and Desi are really spontaneous. She makes a lot of different looks and is very hilarious.
She is from the US

She has the biggest Dutch beauty blog and also has a vlogg channel Vloggloss I love to watch here vloggs.
She is from the Netherlands

I love the looks that she makes! She tries a lot of different things and tries a lot of different brand of makeup. Also, the video's of her life I love.
She is from the Netherlands.

Who do you follow on YouTube ?

I see you soon.

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