Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer.


Hello my loves,
Today I am going to show you my favorite concealer!
I think I used al least 20 bottles of this concealer and I love it so much!

So Let's go and let me show you.

First the packaging.

I love the look of this concealer. It is very sleek and looks very classy! I love the lettering on this and al the information on it.

 I have al the 3 colors. I normal use the shade 020 Light Beige.


On the top we have 005 Light Natural - in the middle 010 Porcelain - on the bottom 020 Light Beige.

The color 010 Porcelain is lighter than 005 Light Natural I think that is strange.

I really like the coverage of this concealer. It blends very well and still holds his coverage.

I asked my 2 best friends. We all have a different skin tone. So you can see how the concealers are with the skin tone it would look the best with.

The order of the photos are no concealer, concealer, blended and the end of the look!

005 Light Natural

010 Poscelain

020 Light Beige

 We all love this concealer really much. We all have different skin colors and types and the concealer works very nice on al of us.

I really like this concealer and I think that a lot of people will enjoy it! Unfortunately there isn't a color for darker skin tones. But for the fair lady's! Go and buy it!

In the Netherlands you can buy it at Kruidvat for 3,59.

In the UK and the US I couldn find the price but you can find it where you normal buy you're Catrice products!

Take a look at my friends Instagram!
Neanke and Anna !
I see you soon!

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