Loréal Paris Pure Clay Masks


Hello my loves,
Today we are gonna take a look at the Loréal Paris Pure Clay Masks!
I have an l of the 3 masks.
Let's take a look!

At first the packaging.

The came in a nice box. Al of the boxes has the same color only the colors of the masks are different and on the box there is an explanation about the masks.

I love the look of these masks! The container is from glass and the lid is green. This is on every Mask the same. The only different is that you see the different colors of the different masks. I think this looks really elegant.

The Mattifyng mask.

I really like this mask! I have a very oily skin so I love it when products are Mattifyng. Ant this mask really work! The day's after My skin doesn't get as oily as normal! So if you have an oily skin or you like Matt skin I this you would like this mask a lot! It smells nice as well! Very Fresh!

The exfoliating mask.

I also like this mask! I have really big pores on the sides of my nose and this mask makes then a little smaller in my opinion! And when you have other texture on your skin is takes it away! So when you have an oily or dry or combo skin and you have texture on your skin I think you would really like it!

The detox mask.

I don't like and I don't hate this mask. I don't see a big different when I use this mask so yeah. It claims to make you're skin glow and my skin shines a lot from it selves (oil,oil,oil). I think when you have a dry or combo skin you really would like this mask. I don't recommend it when you have oily skin to use it on its own!

How I use the masks!

I like to use the mask on different parts of mu face! I live the Mattifyng one in mt T zone where I have the most oils and the exfoliating one under my eyes. And the detox one on the rest of my face!

But ! I also like ti use the mask after each other. I used the exfoliating one first then the mattifying one and then the detox one! My skin looks and feels so nice and healthy the day after!

So I like the mask a lot and I think there is a mask for everyone!
So it you are looking for a good mask I think you should give them a shot!

In the Netherlands you can buy then at Kruidvat for 9,99 euro.
In the UK at Superdrug for 5,29 Pound the are on sale so go and buy then the are normal 7,99 Pounds!
And in the US at Walmart for 9,97 US Dollars! The are on sale the were 17,97 US Dollars so go and get them!

I see you soon !

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