Halloween last minute look 2016.


Hello my loves,
Today I wanna show you a simple last minute Halloween look!
This is a makeup look that you can make from the makeup that you are wearing the day!

Let's start!
 I started with my foundation, concealer and powder. I used Maybelle Fitme Matt and Proless in the color 230, Catrice liquid camouflage concealer in 020 light beige and the Essence loos powder. Also, the Catrice MattMattMatt bronzer in Dark and the Sleek Contour duo in Medium..

On my eyes I used the colors Charmed, Flower child, Sweetheart, Rebel and Jetsetter from tartelette in bloom pallet and the Primavera shade from the ABH pallet.

I started the mast in the middle of my for head

 Then I made a line across my nose and tried to make a mask shape. I made some decorations at the lines so it would look like a real mask. 

 I played with the lines and dots. I try to make both sides the same!

 Then I made some more lines at the mask and liked the outcome!
For all of this I used the NYC Liquid liner in black.

I made some Golden dots and swirls on to the black to finish it all op!

You can make the mask how you like it an in al the colors that you like! It doesn't have to be perfect just play with it!
I really hope I give you some ideas for you're Halloween look if you are going to a last minute party!
And if you use one of the looks I have made make sure to tag me on Instagram @livelifethings.

I see you soon!

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