Essence Stay all day Translucent fixing powder.


Hello my loves,
Today we are taking a look at my favorite powder.

I am using this powder for more than a year new and I love it!
So let me show it to you !

The packaging.

I like the packaging but is isn't very special. I think it looks nice.
You can see the product on the sides of the packaging.

I always use the translucent powder. I like it that tells you on the back of the packaging what it is and what it does.

The product is self.

The powder is really fine and I like the sifter what is in the packaging. I like it so you don't have too much product. And you can take more out if you need to!

How I use it!

I love it to bake! I have used a lot of powders to bake and I only like this one! I love to use it with a beauty sponge! I let it set for as long as possible. Then I brush the excess product of and I am ready for the day with my oily skin.

This is when I have brushed of the excess powder. I love how it looks. It makes it so nice and polished!

If you want a loos powder to back with ore set you're whole face with and not spend a lot of money.. Than try this powder I think you will like it.

In the Netherlands you can buy it at Kruidvat for 3,99 euro.
In the US I couldn't find a price. But you can get it where you normal buy your Essence Beauty products.

In the UK you can buy it at Wilko for 3 GBP.

I hope I see you soon!

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