Halloween Zombie look 2016


Hello my loves,

Today I have made my 2nd Halloween look for you!

Today I have made a zombie look.
I really like how the look of the end result.

Let's start.

 I start with a clean face. It is really important to moisturize and prime your face very well so the look will stay the whole night!
Then I applied my Max Factor Second skin foundation in 040 Creamy Ivory. This is the lightest foundation that I have but if you have a lighter one it is way better! I applied it on my face and chest and used a loos powder to set everything. It is very important that you set the base so the shadow's that are gonna create will blend nicely.
I started to blend Kat von D Lazarus under my eyes. You don't have to be very precise with this. Just blend it in to the lines of your face so your face looks hollow.

Then I used Salens and some more Lazarus on al the parts of my face and chest where I wan't to create shadow's. I do this at my nose, cheekbones, for head, jay line, collarbones and my neck. I started with Lazarus than a mixture of both shadows and at last Salens on its own. After that I used some Kiko Take it All pallet and then the darkest shade. I blended this again at al the places where I wanted to create shadow's.

Then I highlighted my face with the shade Liberatus. You can use another shadow but I think a Matt white shadow works the best! I blended this shadow in between the shadow's that I created. I used it on the cheeks, nose, forehead and collarbones.
 Here I had applied sweet, candy, perfect and delicious on my eyes, I blended sweet, candy and perfect in my crease and under my eyes. I tried to do this as messy as possible. You don't have to be car full.
Here I applied Urban Decay blackout lightly in al the shadows that I created. I blended this really well and after that you can apply you're white shadow again it you feel you need to! I also used blackout on my eyebrow's and also Kiko black gel liner.

There I applied a little gel liner in my lips and blended random shadow's on my lips that I also used on the face. I also blended some Anastasia Beverly Hills Burnt Orange on random parts of my face.

Then mess up your hair and.....

I hope you liked this look!
I hope I give you some inspiration for your Halloween look!
And when you recreate this look tag me! I love to see it !

I see you soon!

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