Rimmel London 15th Anniversary Collection By Kate Moss


Hello my love,
Today we are gonna take a look at the Rimmel London 15th Anniversary Collection By Kate Moss.
I have got this from Rimmel London Nederland I've won the whole collection and I am very happy that I can try everything for you!
Let's take a look at the products!

At first the gel polishes!

The have the normal packaging as the other gel polishes. Only the have Kate's name on it.

015 Boho-Licious

I really like this polish! It is very pigmented. I have to use 2 layers to got is like this! I drys quickly and does not smear everywhere.

071 Gilty Pleasure

This color is the most beauty full gold/champagne color I have ever used! 2 layers and it is full glam on your nails! It drys quick and it does not smear.

044 Rock N Sparkle
I love this shade! I think I would use it the most with Christmas but still it is beauty full! 2 layers and it is full glam on your nails. It drys quick and doe sent smear.

And new on to the lipsticks!

At first the packaging

I love the pink metallic color of the bullets. And the red signature from Kate! I think it looks really classic and nice! I think that the silver makes the look of it complete!

At the cap there is the Rimmel London logo!

As you can see there are 3 nudes and 3 red colors! I really like the look of them so Let's take a look at the swatches!


56 Boho Nude - 55 my Nude - 54 Rock 'n' Roll Nude - 53 Retro Red - 52 Idol Red - 51 Muse Red

I really like the colors and the pigments of the lipsticks! The are very creamy and are cover a lot in one swipe. Al the colors have a different undertone. So they will look good on a lot of different people! Only the nudes are a little light so I don't think the will look good on a darker skin tone than me. But the reds! I think the will look gorgeous on darker skin tones!

In my opinion is this color a blue based red. I like this kind of reds! It makes you teeth looks whiter and I think it looks good on everybody! So yeah this is my perfect red color.

52 Idol Red

This color is an orange based red. I like it when I have a tan but I think it makes you teeth a little more yellow. But I think it flatters a got of skin tones! So if you like orange based reds maybe this is the one for you!

53 Retro Red

This color! OW MY GOD! When I see it I see the perfect Autumn color. It is a purple based red and I think a lot of people will love it. It is nice and dark but not to much! With a simple wingdliner I think it would look really nice on everybody!

54 Rock 'n' Roll Nude

I have a hate/love relationship with this color. I like the color but I feel like it is a little to light for me at the moment. I think it will be the perfect nude for lighter skin tones and I think I will wear it a lot when I am more fair!

55 My Nude

This color is Georges I think! It has more brown in it but still there is some pink in it! So when you don't want a brown nude but also not a really pink nude this will be perfect for you! Then you have my skin tone it will be a nice nude and when you more fair it will look like a more brown lipstick I think!

56 Boho Nude

I love this color! It is a brown nude color and I love that! It is just the perfect nude shade for me so I think I will wear it a lot! Then you are darker than me it will be a light nude, when you have my skin tone it will be a perfect nude and when you are more fair it will be a darker brown nude!

Al the lipsticks are inspired at staples in Kate here career. I think the have something for every skin tone. The quality of the lipsticks is very nice end the pigment is incredible.

This whole collection is perfect! I like it and I highly recommend it!

In the Netherlands you can buy it in the drugstores
The lipsticks : 10,99 euro
the gel polish : 7,95 euro

In the USA you can buy it where you normal but Rimmel London (sorry I could end find the price.)

And in the UK you can buy it at SuperDrug.
The lipsticks for 6,49 pounds
the Gel polish for 5,99 pounds.

I hope you liked this!

I see you soon!

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