BHcosmetics Shaanxo Eyeshadow and Lipstick pallet


Hello my loves,
Today we are gonna talk about a pallet I am very exited with.

We are gonna talk about the colab from  shaaanxo and BHcosmetics ! I had heard about this pallet so when I had the change to buy it I did!

So let's take a look!

At first the packaging.

I love the different pink and the white and the gold letters! How clean it looks! Everything about it I love!

The eyeshadow's

I love al the colors in this pallet. Almost al the colors are warm toned and I love my warm tones! There are 3 Matt colors and 6 shimmers!


 I love this colors! And the pigment ow my god! So smooth and no weird texture. The Matt and the shimmer's swatch the same! Why can't al the shadows that I try be so smooth and soft as these?!

This is one of the looks I created with this pallet. And this is my look that I had on my first day at school.

I really like these eye shadows ! New lets take a look on the other side of the pallet with the lipsticks.

The order of swatches will be I start at the left and then the top row and then the midden and the lower row.

Let's go !

I don't know how I feel about the lipstick. It has taken me a while to get it nice and even. And after that It is not really the color like in the pan.

Sadly enough this is the same as the other color it has got a lot of time to get even and after that it still does not look like the color in the pan.

I really like this one ! It is nice and even! It has the same color is in the pan and it feels really nice on the lips!

 This color is the same color as my lips! It feels nice but you when I don't wear lipstick my lips look the same.

 I was really scared for this color but this color looks really nice on the lips! I like how it feels and it was nice and even!

 I don't know how I feel about this color. It is a little to bright for me. I am not a big pink lover so I don't think that I will wear this color but the lipstick feels very nice.

 This is my perfect nude color! It has a little brown and a little pink. And it feels nice and it is even! I think it is perfect.

 This is a nice classic red color. I like it but I don't love it. It feels nice but I have other red lipsticks that I love more.

I really like this color! The right amount of darkness and the right shade of red in my opinion! I think this is the perfect autumn color!

I love this pallet! The first 2 lipstick colors don't work for me but can for you!
I think if you like warm shadow's and lipsticks in a lot of colors you will really like this pallet!

You can buy this pallet on BHcosmetics for 14,50 dollars! or for 12,50 Euro or 10,50 Pounds!
So go and get it!!

I see you soon!

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