Catrice Limited Edition Contourious Sculpting Powder Pallete.


Hello my loves.

Today we are gonna talk about the Catrice Limited Edition Contourious Sculpting Powder Pallet in the color C02 Almond Architect.

In this pallet are as you can see 3 colors a contour color a blush color and a highlighter. I never used a sculpting pallet from Catrice so Let's take a look! I hope this pallet will be great so I have found a cheaper pallet that is nice!

The packaging.
The packaging is really sleek and simple. You can see the colors so you know what you got in the pallet.
On the back you have an instruction how you can use the pallet. This is with drawings and it is written in English, German and French.

The product itself!
I like the colors as I look at it. The colors are the colors that I love to use!

The swatches are really nice! I like the colors so I have high hopes for it.

On the face.
 Well... It doesn't work as I hoped to. It doesn't show up on me. The contour shade doesn't apply evenly. The blush doesn't show up at all and the highlight is very settle.
I am very sad that this pallet did not work. I hoped that I could found a really cheap and nice contour, blush and highlighter pallet.

So I don't recommend this pallet. Maybe when you are really fair it will work for you or if you love a sheer bronzer, blush and highlighter you may like it but I sadly enough don't.
You can get this pallet at the Kruidvat for 5Euro or at the other places you normal can buy Catrice.

I see you soon!

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