How I clean my brushes!


Hello my loves.
Today we are gonna talk about a very important step in your makeup. We all hate it and don't do it often enough.

So cleaning your brushes is not only nice because you can apply your makeup a lot easier but is also helps you to holds you're clean from breakouts!

Because you are using your brushes on your face it will get full of bacteria and when you use it over and over again on your skin they will get on you're clean skin and can cost breakouts!
So clean your brushes one's in 2 weeks or at least ones a month.

So Let's go!

What do you need?

Your brushes and beauty sponges.
A sink
2 towels.
And a bar of soap or shampoo.

You also van use a cleaning tool like this one.

Alright lets begin with my beauty sponges.

 As you can see there is a lot of products in my beauty blender! Make sure that you clean your beauty sponges before you use them. DO THIS EVERY TIME!
This because the sponge will souk product up and it can happen that the batteries grow in to your beauty sponge!

 At first I make sure my beauty sponge is wet like I would use it. Then I softly rub it to the war of soap (wet the bar of soap first). Then when the water runs squish your beauty sponge so al the product come out.
Repeat this until there the water is clear when you squish it.

 Do this with all of your beauty sponges!

Now lets go to face brushes.

At first a flat top foundation brush.
As you can see this brush has a lot of products in it!
At first I make sure that I make the brussels nice and wet.

Then I rub it in to the soap. Until al the brussels are cadet in soap. 
When you can use the cleaning tool or just massage it with your hands. I prefer to use my hands. Then make sure you rain al the soap out really well and repeat is there is product left in the brush!
When the brush is clean it should look like this!

Now a powder brush.

This brush doesn't look dirty but there is a lot of loos powder in it so when a brush doesn't look really dirty I recommend still cleaning it!

Make sure you clean it really well.

Then rub it into the soap and ruins really well!

 Now lets go to eye brushes!

I use a lot of blending brushes and they get dirty really quick! So I clean then more often!
As you can see this brush is really dirty and if I would try to use it with a light color it wouldn't workout. So let's clean it!

 At first I make sure that the brush is wet.
 Then I bug it gently into the soap. Don't rub to hard because eye brushes are easy to screw up.
 When make sure that al the soap and dirty is out of the brush and go to the next brush!

After u clean your brush squish al the water out with a towel and reshape them! Then lay them on a towel and make sure that you lay them flat or with the brussels down! This because when the water goes in to the metal the glue can go away and the brussels can fall out.

These are al of my brushes! I know it takes a while to clean your brushes and let then dry I try to let mine dry overnight and when I can I let then dry for a whole day! I love the feeling of clean brushes! The are really soft and work perfect again!

There will be a post on my blog where I buy al of my brushes!
I hope I could help you!

I see you soon!

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