Kiko Milano Metallic Shine Eyeshadows


Hello my loves,
Today we are gonna take a look to the Kiko Milano Metallic Shine Eyeshadows.

I have 2 colors of the 6. I have the colors 03 Strong Chocolate and 06 Dynamic Taupe.
Let's go to the packaging.
I love the look of the packaging! Very shiny and luxuries! I wish brands are going to do theyre packaging like this!

Let's go to the shadow's!
 The first color is 03 Strong Chocolate.

This is a brown color with a purple hint in my opinion. It is a metallic so I won't put this in the crease. I prefer matte colors in my crease. But if you like the effect go for it !

I also have the color 06 Dynamic Taupe.
I really like the look of this color It is a silver with a taupe undertone. I think this will look very nice in the inner corner for a highlight or all over the lid! I wouldn't put it under my eyebrow. I don't think a taupe undertone looks nice under the brow bone.


I had to layer the color a few times to get then fully pigmented. That doesn't bother me. I think it is really nice that you can build them. I love the darker color to use as an all over lid color when I want to make a smokey eye.(I dont like black in a smokey eye) And the lighter color as an inner corner highlight not so much on the lid. I think it is not pigmented enough.

This is the look I created with the shadows.
I used Strong Chocolate on the lid and Dynamic Taupe in my inner corner!

I think that a lot of people would enjoy these eye shadows! You can build the shadow's really nice. So you can use them in a lot of different way's. The shadow's blend really nice as well!

I think I would use them a lot on my quick day's as a light was of color or when I want a smokey eye!

You can buy this beauty's on the Kiko Cosmetics website.
The price for one of this shadow's is new 3,40 euro, 3,40 pounds or 6,90 dollars

I see you soon!

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