Maybelline Fit me ! Matte and Poreless foundation


Hello my loves!

Today we are gonna take a look at the Maybelline Fit me! Matte and Poreless foundation in the color 230.

Finally, ! This foundation is in the Netherlands! I was so exiting to try it when it came out in the US a year ago! This week I was at the drugstore and I saw it a needed it!

The packaging is very simple. It is a squeeze tube and has matte black and blue details.


For me this is the perfect color! The undertone is not to yellow and not to pink. This is the darkest color the had in the store where I found it. There are 5 lighter colors and there are really light colors! So for the fair girls there will be one for you !

Lets try it!

Here I have nothing on my face. My skin is not to bad at this moment I have a couple spots that I have to cover! So Let's go!

 Here I only wear the foundation. No primer no concealer or powder. I really like the coverage. It doesn't feel heavy. The spots on my face are almost gone and I like that I can build the coverage! I like the look of it on my skin a lot!
This is how the foundation looks when I have foundation, concealer and powder on! And I love it ! I love the finnish. And the look of it! I had it on before work and the only shine I had was on my nose and normal I am a big oily mes! So I think I have a new fave foundation! I am very happy that this in the Netherlands new!!

This the foundation with the rest of my makeup on!

 If you have a combo or oily skin I think you will love it !

It sits nice on the skin, stay Matte for a long time and has a nice coverage.

In the Netherlands you can but it in Kruidvat for 9,99 euro.

In the US you can buy it at Target for 4,75 dollar.

And in the UK you can buy it at Superdrug for 5,99 pounds.

I hope I could help you!?

I see you soon!

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