Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 225 Medium Buff


 Hello my loves,
Today we are gonna talk about a wel know foundation.
I love the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation. And I always was a little scared for the original one. This because this one is more on the dewy side. 

But I tried it and I want to tell you my experience.

Lets take a look what Maybelline has to say about this foundation.
The discription:
Dewy foundation with SPF 18 that hydrates and smoothes skin texture. Leaves a naturally luminous finish.

And there are 16 shades. For light skintones and dark skintones!

Lets start with the packaging.
 I love the look of the bottle of the foundation! it is made of glass and I love the feeling and look of that! I think it looks a lot nicer than the Matte and Poreless one. So Maybelline change the packaging in the Netherlands so the same as in the US!

 And I am so happy that this foundation has a nice pump!

Lets try it!
 I have the color 225 Medium Buff. And I know this is a lot darker than my face but it will match my body perfect!

 As you can see I have nothing on my face. I made sure that my skin was nice and clean and I put my day cream on.

 As always I apply my foundation with my beautyblender. I always use a beautyblender because I don't like the effect that a brush gives.

 I love the coverage that the fouandation has! and the way it applies is perfect. There are no parts on my face that look odd. It is nice and effen and the color is perfect!

And the end result.
My concealer blended perfectly into my foundation and all my powders applied perfect as well. And I didn't got more oily than with other foundations! I think I have found my new favortie foundation!
I looks like skin and stays like this all day long. Yes I have to powder a few times a day but I always have to do that!

So when you want a nice foundation that can be used with all skintypes I would try this one!

In the Netherlands you can buy it at :
Bol.comWehkamp or Drogistplein for €14,49
And it is on sale at and Wehkamp!

In the UK you can get it at:
Boots for £7,99

And in the US you can get it at:
UltaWalmartTarget and Amazon for $7,99

I see you soon!

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