First Halloween look of 2017. Alien inspired Makeuplook.


 Hello my loves,

Today I have my first Halloween look of 2017 for you!
I love it to create Halloween looks!
A year ago I made 3 looks.
1: Vampire look
2: Zombie look
3: Lace mask look

I hope you will like this makeup look! 

At first lets take a look at the eyeshadows that I used.

 MG Corrupt - CP Cloud Nine - CP Popular Demand - CP I owe you - CP Hear me out.

MG = Makeupgeek.
CP = Colourpop.

Before we start with the look I have used this video from Skartel Starlet because I never glued down my eyebrows. So when you have done that we will start with the look!

Lets start!
 Alright after I glued down my brows I applied my Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 in 1 foundation on my face and neck. I applied it with my beautyblender but on my glued down eyebrown I used my finger to be as carefull as I can be. 

 Than I used my Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage concealer on all the parts that I always highlight. 

And than I used my Catrice Fixing Mattifying Nude Illusion loose powder to set my face. 

 New we start with the eyes. I have some concealer and face powder on my eyees as always and I applied the shade Here Me Out so have a base on my eyes. And yes I know that you still can see my eyebrows but it was also my first tome using this technique.

 Than I used I Owe You on the part where normaly my brows are. I started with a little and builded the color up until I liked the shade. And when you can't blend it perfect I used my bronzer brush with the left over powder and blended it out. 

 Than I used the shade Popular Demand on the base of the eyebrows. And I started again with a little and builed the shadow. Than I blended everything out with some I Owe You.

 Than I created more shape with the shade Cloud Nine. I used a verry small amount of this shade. And again I blended everything out first with Popular Demand and than with I Owe You again. In this look blending is everything.

 On the lowest part I used some Corrupt eyeshadow. And again I used al the shades that I used before to blend everthing out!

 And now the part  that makes a big differents. I cleaned up the botttom of the shadow with my concealer. I really love the look that it have at the eye!

 And then U contoured my nose starting with Popular Demand than with Cloud Nine and I blended it out with I Owe you.
  And than I started with some Corrupt eyeshadow in a line underneed my cheekbones. And then I applied some Cloud Nine and Popular Demand to blend the Corrupt shade. And to blend everthing out I used I Owe You. 

 And I applied my concealer to clean up undeneed my contour.

 And I did the same again on my jawline.

 And than I used my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in Siberian Gold and on top I applied some Ofra x Nikkietutorials Everglow Highlighter. I used the golden shade on my cheeks and teh 2 darker shades mixed on my eyes.

And at the end I applied some Ofra x Nikkietutorials Coven liquidlipstick

I really like the end result!
Let me know what you think !

And what kind of look would you like to see next ??
When you create it on your own make sure to tag me !
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I see you soon!

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