Wait What! €2,- Face Palette!


 Hello my loves!

Today we are gonna talk about a budget topper from the Action again! Not that long ago I talked about the Highlighter Palettes for €2,50 also from the Action!
But now we gonna take a look at this face palette.
In this palette there are 4 blushes 2 matte highlighters and 2 contour colors.

Lets take a look at the packaging.
 Alright I don't love the look of the packaging. The box has a very strange print on it. And there is no protection on the from of the palette. And the palette it self is the same as the highlighter palettes. It isn't special. But I don't mind for the price.

The inside of the palette.
 In the top we have blushes:
Pink - Peach - Rose - Coral.

On the bottom we have pressed powders:
Warm Ivory - Banana Yellow - Sandy Beige - Chocolate Brown.

The bottom shades are named pressed powders but in my opinion they are highlight and contour shades.

The Swatches.
 Pink - Peach - Rose - Coral - Warm Ivory - Banana Yellow - Sandy Beige - Chocolate Brown.

The colors and nice and pigmented. They are a little powdery but I don't mind it. You will have to be careful with how much of the powders you put on to your face. Because you can look like a clown very quickly.  

Lets try it on the face!
 Here I only had foundation, concealer and powder on my face. I like to apply some concealer under need my cheeks so it looks like I have something on but I haven't.

 I applied Sandy Beige on my cheekbones as a bronzer. For me it is a little bit to light I think. But it blended very nice! It is nice and even there are no patches! 

 Than I applied the shade Chocolate Brown under need my cheekbones. It blended very nice. As you can see it makes a nice and natural contour. I applied Banana Yellow under my contour and under my eyes. I love the look that it gives. But I have to be careful because it is a little to light for me and as I apply to much I look like a ghost.

 As some of you know I never wear blush. But when I started to use the peach blush in mixed with the Warm Ivory pressed powder I started to enjoy blush! The other shades I haven't tried I will maybe soon. But the blush is nice and pigmented and blends very nice!

And this is the and result with the rest of my makeup on!
I love this palette a lot! And for €2,-! Yes I will use this a lot.

When your skin color is darker than mine I think this palette will be prefect for lighter skintones. Like the Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Palette!

You can get this palette from Action!

So I recommend this palette!
Also because is you look at the price and there are 6 powders in this palette you spend 25 cents for powder!!!

I see you soon !

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