Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Highlighter Palette in Pearl.


Hello my loves,
Today we are gonna talk about this Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Highlighter Palette in the color Pearl.

This was the birthday pressent that I got from my little sister.

I follow Casey for more than 5 years now I think (I remember the video that she filmed about trying the Estee Lauder Dubble Wear So yeah)

Lets take a  look what Smashbox has to say about this palette:

An easy to use highlighting palette that puts you in control of the spotlight. Fearlessly add dimension and depth to your face with 3 tonal finishes that layer to create your ultimate glow. Each shade melts into skin without emphasizing uneven texture. 

Co-created with highlighting guru and YouTube star Casey Holmes, each tonal palette was inspired by Casey’s ideal lighting. Includes 3 exclusive get-the-looks and quick tips for optimal placement to keep you always well lit in any light & every pic. 

I think its true what they say about this highlighters! I have some texture on my skin but the highlighter doesn't emphasizes the texture that I have! And as they say you can mix and match youre highlighter as you want it for that day!

I have the Pearl highlighting palette but there is also a darker palette that is named Golden.

Now lets take a look at the packaging!
I love the look of the box that it came in! It is nice and shiny and I love the gold and the white together. I love that way that here name is written in the box.

And on the back you have a photo of  Casey. And there is some info and tips and tricks on the back as well.

Than the packaging of the palette it self. I love the look of the  reflective gold. It looks nice and classic with something extra!

Lets take a look on the inside!
The colors are :
Turn it on Pearl - Crank it up Pearl - Blow a Fuse Pearl.

Blow a Fuse Pearl - Crank it up Pearl - Turn it on Pearl.
All the colors are nice to use on a light to medium skin color. I love the colors on its own but also mixed together. They aren't a very heavy shiny highlight but that is the point of this palette. It is for the everyday use and its created to not emphasize textured skin.

Lets try it on the face!
Here I have done my base makeup! And I applied my bronzer and blush.

Here I mixes all the 3 highlighters together and applied it on to my cheekbones. I love the look of this highlighter for a day to day use. Its not to over powering (but I'm not gonna lie I love that as well on a day to day base)

And here can you see how it looks when I finished my makeup. I think it looks very nice!

Its nice and settle. I will use this highlighter a lot on day's where I don't wear a lot of makeup!

I think a lot of people will love this highlighter!

So when you have a lot of texture or you like a settle highlighter take a look at this beauty!

You can but the Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Highlighter palette at :
In the Netherlands at Douglas for €35,69
In the UK: Smashbox for£26,-
In the US at Smashbox or Sephora for $35,-

I see you soon !

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