L'oreal Paris Infallible 24H-MATTE


Hello my Loves!
Today I'm going to tell you about the L'oreal Paris 24H-Matte foundation.

I bought this foundation because of MannyMUA! He is very olie and loves it! I am also very olie. And al of my foundation are sinking in my lines.

I have the color 30 Honey.

Lets Swatch

The foundation is a litter thick! It is not runny but didn't feel heavy.

Then I blended it out whit my finger you can't really see it! The color blends in with my skin.

New lets try it on my face!

But first a photo on my face whit nothing on it!
As you can nee my skin is pretty clear at this moment. So I haven't test it when I had a lot of break outs.
And here I have only foundation on.
It has covered al of the red sports on my face. (I didn't not put it under my eyes)

Here I have foundation, concealer and powder on my face.

I really like the finish of this foundation. It is matte but not drying. 
I have warned the foundation all day and have powdered 1 time. It haven't settled in to my fine lines and it haven't fade of my face.

There is 35 ML in the tube and the costs are 15,99 euro or 7.99 pounds

In The US it is called : L'oreal Paris Infallible PRO-Matte foundation and its costs 12,99 dollar.

And this is the look with the rest of my makeup finished! I REALLY LOVE THIS FOUNDATION!
And I highly recommend it!

I see you soon!

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