Halloween Vampire look 2016


Hello my loves,
Today I will show you how to create this vampire makeup look for Halloween (or other parties where you want to look like this!)
I recreated the look of  Christen Dominique but give it a little twist! I really like how it turned out!

Let create this look!
 First apply youre lightest foundation and concealer. I used Max Factor second skin foundation in 040 creamy Ivory and Catrice liquid camouflage concealers in 010 porcelain.
You can mix some white face paint into your foundation so it is even lighter! Make sure you apply it also to your neck. So it looks a little more “real”
 Then set you're under eyes for heat and the other places you are normal highlighting with a light/white powder. This can be an eyeshadow or a face powder.
 Then try to make your eyebrows al evil as you can I liked the look of this shape and color for my brown with this look. I used the shade Multitasker from the Tarte Tartlette pallet.
 Then let the fun begin. To create the shadows under the eyes I used the shades Lazarus and Lucius from the Kat von D Shade and Light Eye Pallet. I blended this colors on my under eyes and on the highest points of my cheekbones.
Then I put a Kiko Milan eyepencel in my waterlines in the color Take it al. And blended the color Temper from the Smashbox Double Exposure Pallet under my eyes and under the Temper shadow I blended a little of Red Ocher from the anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaisance Pallet  under my eyes. Make sure you don't get under the first brown shadows that we applied. I also applied Lazarus in my crease and Liberatus on my eyelids.
Then I created a winged liner with my NYC liquid liner in black. I made a pretty normal wing for me but do what you like.
Then I put on some false lashes ! I really liked it with this look. I used the Ardel Wispies in black. And applied some mascara on my top and bottom lashes.
Then a little of a difficult part. The veins under the eyes. I used a black, brown, purple, pink and blue shadow mixed with each other. And with an angled brush I lightly made the shape of veins that I liked. I blended everything with a clean blending brush. I would make this effect very soft. I get over the veins a couple of times to I made sure the colors were as intense as I would like it!
Also, I made my lips black with my black gel liner my Kiko. I over lined my lips a lot but liked the look very much! You also can use a dark red or purple color!
At this part I went al out ! I did end had fake blood so I mixed 3 liquid lipsticks on the back of my hand to make sure I liked the color and then with a small brush made likes under my mouth. Also, I made some on the sides and blended with my fingers. I applied the mixture on my lips and made sure that I blended it nicely. I also lightly get over the veins and blended it really lightly! Then I putted it on my neck so it looks like I just Feeded on somebody! I used the colors 05, 28 and 32 of the Dragon long lasting lip glosses (they are on AlliExpress for 0.80 cents!)

A little close up of my lips!
Then I made my hair really big and messy and taadaaa here you are looking like a vampire!
 I hope that you liked the look! And you got some inspiration of it! I will make more Halloween looks in the next weeks! Let me know what you would like to see!
When you recreated this look make sure to tag me !

You don't have to use the same products as I do use what you have at home!

Make sure you practice a few times so you can make it perfect!

I see you soon!

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