Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation.


 Hello my loves,
Today I wan't to talk about this foundation by Catrice.
I have the color 040 Warm Beige.
A little disclaimer :  I always use a darker foundation. My face is the lightest part of my body. So I have to match my foundation with my chest. 

Now lets take a look at the packaging.
 The foundation comes in a matte glass container. It was a nice wight so it feels very nice. And I like it that there is a dropper.

 I really like the color of the foundation but I am a little afraid that it will be to dark. 

Lets take a look on the face.
 There I have nothing on my face. I have my moisturizer on and that's it. As you van see I have some pimpels and red spots on my fave so we will see how nice the foundation it will cover the redness.

 As you can see the foundation is darker than me face but is the same color as my upper body. 

 On one side of my face I will use a damp Beautyblender (€20) and on the other side I use the Real Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (€14,95)

 I like the appliecation with the Beautyblender so much more. It covers better and is nice and equal. With the brush I have got some weird patches. And on the side that I applied with my Beautyblender is more matte. I have a very oily skin so I always go for a matte foundation.

 When I touch my face there is a little transfer from my face to my hands.

 The side where I used the brush.

 The side where I used the Beautyblender.
 The rest of my makeup went on nice and smooth. The concealer blended nice into the foundation and the powders went on nice.

4 hours later.
 This is the foundation 4 hours later. I haven't done anything special. I didn't powder my face and yes I was pretty oily after 4 hours.

7 hours later.
I have ride the horse that I train and all the foundation came of at my forehead. But for the time that I had the foundation on I like it. I don't like it as much as my Maybelline Fit Me ! Matte and Porlesse Foundation but for the price I like this one a lot.

I think that people with dry/normal and combo skin would really like this foundation. When you are very oily like me you may like it but you have to powder a lot. And there are 4 colors and I have the darkest shade.

You can get it at Kruidvat in the Netherlands and the price is €6,99 .
You can get it at Inishpharmacy in the UK and the price is £ 7,29 .
I think in the US you can find it at places where you normal find Catrice but I couldn't find it. I am sorry.

I see you soon!

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