Warm Toned Easy Cut Crease.


 Hello my loves,

Today I have created this warm toned easy cut crease for you.

I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pallet and 2 eye shadows from makeup geek. 
I really like this look this look is easy to create and I will explain step for step.

Swatches of the shadow's
Shimma Shimma - Chikadee - Red Oachre - Realgar - Burned Orange - Golden Oachre.
Let's start with this look!
 Here I have done my face makeup, brows and primed and set my eyes with concealer and translucent powder. This is why my eyelashes are white. This step is very important so your eye shadow's will blend very easy.

 Than I used the shade Golden Ochre as transition color in my upper crease. I know that you can't see it very offies but it is a color so the other colors blend in to it nicely.  

 Than I applied Burned Orange in to my crease and I blended Realgar on top of it. I made sure that I blended everything very well. Take your time to blend blend blend. And also build the color. Don't use to much at once. 

 Than I used Red Oachre in my crease I made sure that this color is the lowest in my crease. I blended everthing with the Golden Oachre color to make sure that there are nu hard liens.

 Than I cleaned my eyelid up with some concealer and the other edge of my eye shadow. I love the look that it gives. You can create the clean line with sticky tape before you begin with your eye shadow.  I only clean up the first have of my lids.

Than I used the Red Oachre on the outer edge of my eye. I used the Chickadee shade from Makeupgeek on the middle part of my eye and the shade Shimma Shimma from makeupgeek in the begin part of my eyelid. I make sure that I blend all the edges of the shadow's so it looks nice and smooth.

Than I used the Red Oachre on the outer part of my lowerlashline, The Chickedee shade on the middle part of my lowerlashline and the Chimma Chimma shade on the inner corner. And to top it off I used my Estee LAuder mascara. You can apply fake lashes but I wanted to show the eye shadow's the most.

I think that this is a nice look to practice a cut crease. Make sure that you blend blend blend!
And if you recreate this look make sure that you TAG me!
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I would love to see it !

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The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pallet retails for
€54.95 at Greatbeautybar in the Nethelands.
$42 at Sephora in the US.
£41  at Cultbeauty in the UK,

The Makeupgeek eyeshadow's retail for $6 and you can buy them from Makeupgeek.

I see you soon!

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