Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer.


Hello my loves,
Today I want to talk about the Essence Camoufage Full Coverage Concealer. I have the shade 10 Nude there is also a shade lighter 05 Ivory .

I love my Catrice so much. So I don't know what I would think about this concealer but let's take a look.

At first the packaging. 
 I don't really like the packaging. I think it looks really cheap. I don't like the orange cap and the letters are in Comic Sans.

The concealer feels really dry and there is not a lot of product on the applicator. 

Lets try it. 
 Here I have no makeup on. As you can see my skin isn't perfect so lets see how this concealer works.

 I used my beloved Maybeline foundation and I used a Beautyblender to apply it and I also will use my beautyblender to blend the concealer out.

 The concealer blended well and lightens and covered my under eyes really well.

 At first I applied the same amount of product under my eyes and than I applies a little more under my eyes and on the other high points of my face.

 It blended really nice and I really like the look of this concealer.

 Here I have powdered my face and I did my eyebrows. When I touch my face the concealer will fleck off.

I really don't like that. I have a very oily skin so I don't think that people with a dry skin will like this concealer. And I also don't think that people with oily skin would like this concealer. When you only use it under your eyes I think it is really nice but not on the rest of my face.

You can get this concealer in the Netherlands Kruidvat at for €2,59 .
For the UK and the US I couldn't find a place I could order it so I think you can find it at your normal selling point for Essence.

I see you soon!

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