Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.


Hello my loves,
Today I will be testing out a oldie but a goodie from a lot of makeup lovers.
I never tried this out but I am very excited to test this bad boy out.
I have the Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Blackest Black.

Lets start with the packaging.
I like the colorfull look f the mascara. I think it looks very cute. The mascara tube is not that big this way I think it is very nice to take with you on a holiday or something like that.

The applicator is a nice and small spiral brush. It is a pretty standard one but I really like applicators like this.  

Lets try it!
I don't have very long eyelashes and as you can see they are blond.

First coat.
With the first coat I think that my lashes look very nice and naturel. There are no clumps and my lashes are nice and separated.

Second coat.
On the second coat I don't really like the effect. It is a little to much for a naturel look and not enough for a more dramatic look.

Third coat
Here I love the look of my lashes again. They are nice and full and there is a lot more length. There are still no clumps and my lashes are still nice and separated.

So you I really like this mascara! I think it is nice and black. It doesn't clump and it separate my lashes really nice. It also lengthens my lashes a bit.

I really think that a lot of people will love this mascara!
So if you are looking for a really black mascara that separates your lashes and lengthens them I would gif this a shot!

In the Netherlands you can buy it at Kruidvat for € 7,99  .
In the UK you can buy it at Superdrug for £ 4,99 .
In the US you van buy this at Target for $4,00.

I see you soon!

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