Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss


Hello my Loves.
Today we are gonna talk about the Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss.
These Matt lip glosses are available in 5 colors I have the colors 03 Girl of Today and 05 Simply be an Icon. The other colors were 2 nude colors and there was 1 other red color. The nude colors were a little to light for my liking and these 2 colors screamed my name!

Let's go on to the product!

I really like the packaging of the lip glosses! I love the look and the feeling! It feels heavy and not cheap.

The applicators are really nice! The take a lot of products but not too much. I can make really sharp lines and cover a lot in once. The applicator is really soft so it feels very nice!

On top we have 03 Girl of Today and on the botum we have 05 Simply be an Icon. They swatch very pigmented and even! They are not completely Matt but I like the colors very much!

03 Girl of Today

Love the color! It is pink but not to bright. This is a color I could wear on a day to day base. It feels very nice on the lips. It is pigmented and even! It doesn't sink in to my fine lines. I like it!

05 Simply be an Icon

I love this color to! It is a dark red with some purple. But it is still wearable. It is also very pigmented and even!

If you like the feeling of a lip cream and don't mind that the are not completely Matt I think it is a real good lip gloss.
You can buy this for 2.30 euro of Kruidvat or al the places where you normal buy Essence!
I see you soon!

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