My favorite products!


Hello my loves,
Today we are going to talk about al my favorite products!

Some of them you have seen on my blog and some you havend.

The order will be in the same as you do your makeup!

I havend tried a lot of primers because I am scared to get a lot of acne. My skin breaks out really quick. But I love the Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm. Nikkie Tutorials is the person that introduced this product as a primer to the internet!
Foundation.My favorite foundation is the L'oréal Paris Infallible 24H-Matte foundation foundation that you have seen on my blog a while ago. This foundation is very Matt and high coverage. And then the part why I love it the most! It will keep me Matt for a long time. I still have to powder a few times a day but not as much as I have with other foundations. If you have an oily skin as we;; what foundation would you recommend me ? And what do you find about this foundation?

I love the Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage concealer I have the shades 10 and 20. The pigment in this concealer is really nice! It blends nicely and still have the coverage. I wound settle in my fine lines under my eyes when I set it with powder. It claims to be waterproof but I don't think it is but I never tried it out under water so yeah I don't really know.

Setting Powders.
I have 2 powders I love to set my face with. I love to bake under my eyes with the Essence Stay all day translucent fixing powder and the Essence all about Matt fixing compact powder. Both of the powders keeps me Matt for a long time and I can touch it up true the day.

I really like the Sephora Artist's Blush in the color Coral. I don't wear blush very often. But when I do I love to wear blush that is very soft and not very obvious. I like this one because it is Matt and I can have a very heavy hand and it still looks nice!

Bronzer and Contour.
I use the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in the color 020 deep bronze. I have finished one compact completely and new I am using my second one. I love it gives my face some color or I use it in my crease as an eye shadow. I think a lot of people will find it to orange but I really love the color. The other one is my Benefit Hoola bronzer. I love yo use it as a contour shade but also as a bronzer. And I love it to use it in my crease. I love the color of this bronzer and that it is Matt! It will look good on a lot of skin tones I think!

I love the the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, It is really pigmented! It blends nicely but is not a settle glow. It is a strong highlighter and I love that look! I love it on my cheeks, nose, eyes and cupids bow. It has a golden tone and I love it!

I have 3 eye shadow pallets I really like! Both you have seen before! At first the  Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette . This pallet has everything! It has mat shimmers and a lot of natural colors. Than the  Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance pallet. This pallet has a lot of warm toned shadows and I love it! I love the warm tones and the pigments in the pallets. And the  Tarte Tartlelette Pallet all the shadows in this pallet are Matt and has a lot of different undertones.

Eyeliners and eye pencils.
I love the Maybeline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel liner 24H. I have my own brush that I use with it. This gel liner is very smooth. Very black and stays on very nicely. Catrice has a very nice one two. It does not move when you got water over you're Head. For a liquid liner I love the NYC liquid liner and I love the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon. It is really black and it will stay in your waterlines very well. I have who white liners to put in my waterline and on my eyelids. At first the Essence Kajal Pencil in 04 white. And I love the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk.

I really like the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara. This mascara is very nice to make you're lashes big and long! It holds up the whole day. The brush is big and the brissels are tiny so it will take al of your lashes.

I use the Hema eyebrow products for years. I have the brow powder in dark brown and the eyebrow pencil in the color 09 and I still love them. The powder is really pigmented and is also nice to use as an eye shadow! The pencils are also really nice. It is real pigmented and easy to apply. And to set my brows in place I love to use the Essence Lash & Brow Gel mascara. This is a clear brow gel and it will set your brows in place for real.

 Liquid lipstick and Lipgloss.
I have 2 lipsticks what I really love 1 liquid lipstick and one lip gloss. I start with the “nude”lipsticks and that is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Le Crème lipstick. I love this color! It has pink but not to much. And it is nice and creamy it feels nice and does not dry you're lips. And the second one is my Mac Cosmetics Paramount Satin lipstick. I love this red/brown warm color. It feels nice on the lips and an apply really easy! And then the liquid lipstick. I really like the Max Factor Infallible lipstick in the color 185. The color is really nice and it will stay nice the whole day. And new the lip glossEstee Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddes Lip & Cheek Summer Glow. And then the lip gloss side!

Setting spray.
I love the Mac cosmetics Fix+ spray. I like it to use with my eye shadows and for my face so the powder melds in to my skin. I love it so al the powder does not look cakey....

Let me know what are you're fave's!
I see you soon!

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