The Freedom Makeup London PRO Lipstick Red Collection


Hello my love,
Today we are gonna lake a look at the Freedom makeup London PRO Lipstick Red Collection.

I have done a review about the The Freedom Makeup London PRO Lipstick Bare Collection

But new we gonna talk about the Red collection!

At first the packaging.
At the front you can see al the lipsticks and the name of the lipstick collection. The box is small and not that special.
On the side you can see al the colors and al the names of the colors. But also as by the Bare Collection the colors looks darker at the side.

106 Fever - 107 Make Me Crazy - 108 Expression - 109 Red Wine - 110 Born With it

And New the swatches on my lips !

106 Fever

 This is a very lovely red with in my opinion an orange tone in it but it is a real red. I think this will look good on a lot of skin tones. In special on darker skin tones I think it looks gorgeous!

107 Make Me Crazy

This color is a more of an orange/pink red color. That looks really nice on light skin colors in my opinion.

108 Expression

 This red is a real bright red. I think it will look nice on a lot of people. You can wear it with a lot of different looks.

109 Red Wine

This is my favored color of the 5! This color is in my opinion the perfect red color! It is a bright red but not too much! I think I have found me new favorite red in general!

110 Born With it

This color is not a red color for me it is just a pink color. But it is a nice pink color. I like this color it is for me an everyday pink color.

If you like red colors you would love this collection! And for the price....

You can order the lipsticks on Tambeauty for 5 pounds or on Boozyshop for 7,49euro.
I seeyou soon!

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