Kat Von D Shade And Light eye Pallet.


Hello my loves!
Today we are gonna take a look at the Kat Von D Shade and Light eye pallet.

This pallet is from my mom she bought it when I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte pallets.

New lets take a look!
At first the packaging.

The box were it came in is a black box with black shiny letters and some with. The name of the pallets is in a really cool lettertyp. I think it looks really cool!

And on the back of the box you can see al the names of the colors and the colors it selves. As you can see there are 3 big pans and 9 little ones.

Then the pallet self!

The front of the pallet is the same as the box it came in. I really like how it looks! I think it is different and really cool. It is a little thick so I don't know if it will be travel friendly.

Al of the shadows are Matt. I really like that. But there are not a lot of special colors in this pallet. There are a lot of colors that are almost the same. But there are a lot of different under tones!


The shadows are really pigmented but not al of them are smooth. Some are really dry and some are very soft. And the black isn't even. Even on my arm can you see witch shades are softer in texture and witch are dry...

This is the look I created with the pallet.

I created this simple look. The shadows blended fine and were nice on the lid. I like how the look turned out.

I wouldn't buy this pallet myself. I would go with a Smashbox like the Smashbox #shapematters pallet or Smashbox Double Exposure pallet.
The price of this pallet is 43,58 euro or 46 dollar on Sephora and 52 pounds on Roses Beauty Store .

I see you soon!

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