Behind the scenes, more than Makeup.


Hello my loves,
Today I want to talk about something different than makeup.
I want to talk about the fact that the beauty girls and boys on instagram or on a blog or youtube are more than only makeup.
That a person can have more interests than only makeup or fashion.

Sometimes you don't have the time to be on social media because you have a buzzy life besides your online life.

And most of the time we forget everything besides the online world. But in real life there is more than likes, commends or the perfect makeup and fashion looks.

And that the person that posts the picture is more then you see.
I want to show people that there is more that you can see. That there is more than the internet life! And I would love to read what you are doing in your day to day life.

I contacted this beautiful and inspiring girl and asked here if she wanted to tell us about here life besides social media.

She is a big inspiration for me here looks are flawless and I love here as a person!

Make sure that you follow here !

Anneloes behind the scenes.
Many people think that I'm just busy with Instagram and makeup in my day to day life. However, I am a full-time student of Veterinary Medicine, and this takes a lot of time of a day/week. On a regular day, I usually study early in the morning to attend lectures, practicals and assignments and in the evening I regularly study until 10 PM in the library.

I have always been creative and in my free hours (the spare once that I have) I fill it up by doing makeup. For me, makeup is a form of relaxation and creative exhaust that I occasionally miss when I'm in the books all day long. Many people do not expect it either, but in my daily life I usually don't wear a makeup. Simply because I do not find it necessary for myself and so I can sleep a little longer, haha. I think I couldn't be happy with only doing makeup in my life. It is something very beautiful, fun and relaxing. But if I think about something that truly makes me happy an want to spent the rest on my life on? Than it will be makeup the world a little better for others, and in my case it will be helping sick animals to get better and the improvement of animal welfare.

I find it very inspiriting to read this. I love to read about people's passions and it makes me think a lot. About the fact that makeup is a moment to relax (I feel the same makeup time is me time).

I also want to tell you about my passion besides makeup.

The fact that you are here on my blog is probably because you love makeup as well. I love doing makeup and let my creativity play with my face. On a day to day base I wear a minimal amount of makeup. I like to stay in bed for a little to long in the morning and than I have to get ready quickly. I also feel perfectly fine without makeup when I am out of the door.

Not a lot of people know that I am extremely fascinated with history and especially Second World War and everything that happened in the extermination camps. Because this fascination I have managed to have my internship at the Fries Museum, Fries Verzetsmuseum and Keramiek Museum Prinsessenhof. Here I do a lot of different stuff in relation with history.

I have a big passion for World War 2 for as long as I can remember. And I have seen and read a lot about it. I went to several camps and I am planning on going to more remaining camps. I love it to plot facts and learning new stuff.
The new study that I start later this year is also based on history.

I hope that you liked reading about Anneloes and about me and that you get the point of this blogpost.

I hope that you understand that there is more than you can see in a picture or a video or a blogpost.

Please let me know if you would like to see me make this kind of a post again. And let me know what you are doing on a day to day base!

I see you soon !

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