KathleenLights x Colourpop Aquarius Collection.


Hello my loves,
Today  I want to talk about the KathleenLights x Colourpop Aquarius collection.
I am following KathleenLights for 2 years now I think and I love here!
I love here and her makeup. And the person that she is! So is very down to earth and loving.
So if you don't follow here go and subscribe to here channel! KathleenLights.

alright about this product. The Colourpop shade Aquarius is out for a while now. But this shade is new available in 3 different formulas! A Ultra Satin lip, a Ultra Glossy lip, a lippiestix and there is a Ultra Matte lip from Aquarius 2. 
In the bundle that I ordered there was the Ultra Satin, Glossy and Matte lip.

Lets take a look at the packaging.
I love the soft pink overall look with the darker rink and golden flags! I think it looks very cute and I just love the over all look!
The packaging of the product itself is just the normal Colourpop packaging. And I said in my Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid and Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquidlipsticks.
The shades that I have are 2 different finishes of Aquarius and 1 Aquarius 2.

From left to right.
Aquarius (glossy) - Aquarius(Satin) - Aquarius 2 (Matte)

Lip swatches!

Aquarius.(Ultra Satin Lip)
What Colourpop says about this color: Meet Aquarius' new sister, a soft pinky nude.
I really do like this color! I normally don't wear pinky nude's but I really like this color!
Aquarius.(Ultra Glossy Lip)
What Colourpop says about this color:
Meet Aquarius' new sister, a soft pinky nude in a crème finish.
I like the feeling of this lipgloss. It isn't very sticky and it feels very hydrating.

Aquarius 2. (Ultra Matte Lip)
What Colourpop says about this color:
Meet Aquarius' new sister, a mauvey nude.
I also love this color! I am very surprised that I like it!

I love all the 3 lipcolors! They are all different and I love then all for there own reason!

You can buy the shades all separate for $6,00 or like I did in a bundle for $15,00.
At Colourpop.

So yeah when you have Aquarius already I would go for the separate shades and when you don't have it get them all !!

I hope you liked this blogpost and when you tried them for yourself what do you think about them???

I see you soon !

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