Estée Lauder Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick.


Hello my loves,

Today I wan't to talk about the Estée Lauder Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick in the color 320 Drop Dead Red.

I have this color because I am an Estée Lauder Beautylover for Glamour the Netherlands.
There are 13 different colors and there are nude, red, purple and dark shades. So there is a lipstick for everybody!

Now lets take a look at the packaging.
I will say it over and over again. I love the packaging of Estée Lauder products. It looks and feels so luxurious. And I love the blue and gold together. There is a magnetic system that closes the lipstick very nice. This is nice so you don't loose the cap of the lipstick.


 I have to use two layers of this lipstick but I love the color and finnish. I feels nice and soft and I think it will be very hydrating to the lips.

On my lips.
I really like this kind of red a lot! I think it looks really nice on my skin color. It makes my teeth look whiter so that is one thing I love. I also really like the way it feels. It feels very light on the lips. And I like the way it applies. The product is very soft so it will glide on to your lips. But it is not so soft that you can't create a sharp line.

I think a lot of people will like this lipstick. The color will look great on a lot of different people. And the finnish and the way it applies will be loved by a lot of different people.

In the Netherlands you can but it at : Douglas for 32,95 Euro .
In the US you can but it at : Estée Lauder for 32 US Dollar.
And in the UK you can but it at: Estée Lauder for 25,50 .

I see you soon!

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