Colourpop Lippiestix


Hello my loves,

I am so sorry that this blogpost is a day later but I had to study for my exams for today...

But let's move on to the Colourpop Lippiestix that I want to show you today!
Today I have 3 colors for you and next week I have 4 more to show you!

Let's start with the packaging.

I really like the packaging of the lippiestix. The white and the silver letters are really pretty and on the bottom you can see the colors.

The colors that I have.
I have Le Freak, Goldie and Ziggie they are all Matte X lippiestix.
Le Freak - Goldie - Ziggie.
I really like the shape of the lipsticks. You can then apply then very precise and I love that.

Ziggie - Goldie - Le Freak.

On my lips.

I love this color! This will be a color that I would use everyday. I think that this will look good on a lot of skin tones.


I really like this color I love the tone of red in this lipstick. I think that this will look beautyfull on very light skin tones.
And Here I have Goldie on my top lips and MAC Diva on the bottom lip... I like Goldie a more than Diva. It applied better and the pigment is nicer. So if you wan't to get Diva get Goldie!
Le Freak.
I really like this color!
It is a dark red color and I think that it will look stunning on a lot op people!
Dark and light skin tone.

Al the lippiestix are Matte but they are not drying at the lips. They sit nice and on the lips and are really pigmented.
Al these lippiestix costs 6 US dollar and you can buy them at Colourpop.

I see you soon!

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