BE Creative Makeup Brilliant & Intense Lipsticks.


Hello my loves,

Today I want to talk about 5 BE Creative Makeup lipsticks.

I have the colors 005 Tease, 008 Magnetic, 012 Vamp, 011 Spicy and 027 Illusion.
I have them as minis. I bought them in a set.
I never tried BE Creative Makeup so Let's take a try!

At first the packaging.

I really like the simple and sleek black look of the lipsticks. And I really enjoy the design of the logo two.

At the bottom of the lipsticks you can see the colors, names and finishes. I love the detail that it is in the same color of the lipstick.

Here are the lipsticks next to each other.


005 Tease - 008 Magnetic - 012 Vamp - 011 Spicy - 027 Illusion
005 Tease, 008 Magnetic and 012 Vamp are Intense lipsticks.
011 Spicy and 027 Illusion are Brilliant lipsticks.

The lipsticks are nice and pigmented. On my arm the were nice and soft. There was no grittiness in the lipsticks.


005 Tease

This is a really nice red lipsticks with a lot of orange in it. I really love colors like this! I think it looks really nice on a lit of different skin colors and I think it will look different on every skin tone and undertone!

008 Magnetic

This is a real my lips but better color for me! It was a bit more pink than my lips. For me this is a perfect nude color. If you like a pinky nude I think you will love it!

012 Vamp
I really like a red like this! For me this is a true red! perfect for the holidays. This will look beauty full on everybody.

011 Spice
This is my fave of al of the 5 colors. It is a more brown toned nude and I love it ! I love brown colored lip colors. So if you are like me then this will be a perfect choice!

027 Illusion
I really like the color of this lipstick! It is a nice purple tone. But I don't think that I will wear it a lot. I am not a person that will rock a purple lip on an everyday base. But if you do this would be you're perfect match!

I like the lipsticks. They are nice and soft on the lips and they are not dry on your lips. But they will settle in the lines on your lips a little. I don't really mind it if its not to bad.

I think that this lipsticks are great. So if you can get one. I think it is wort it!

You only can buy it by Ici Paris XL.

I see you soon!

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