My tips for my oilyskin girls.


Hello my loves,

Today I want to talk about an oily skin. Some of you may knows that I have an oily skin and I had a lot of struggles with it. But new I have some tips for you If you are struggling with an oily skin two.

Tip 1.
Always moisturize your skin in the morning and at night. You may think your skin doesn't need the moister but it is still important that you're skin get some moister! No you don't want to use a very thick cream but a gel would me great! A gel sinks quick in the skin and still lets you're skin breath.

Tip 2.
Cleans you're skin 2 times a day. Every morning and every night. This so you take al you're leftover makeup of and takes the oils and other crap of you're skin. This is very important for you're skin condition. And after you clean you're skin masks and moisturizers will do its work much better!

Tip 3.
Use a mattefing primer! And if you have a lot of big pores as me a pore filling primer two. You can concentrate one of the primers at a space on your face where you need it. I use a mattefing primer al over because my face is an oily mess.

Tip 4.
Also, use a mattefing or semi Matt foundation. Stay away a luminous foundation! Or you have found a primer what controls your oils very well when you can take a luminous foundation. I love the Loreal Paris Infallible 24h Matte and Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation. They are really nice have a nice coverage and keeps you Matt for a long day.

Tip 5.
Powder.. I recommend always setting your face. Your foundation and concealer. This so your foundation and concealer don't move around and make them stay Matt even longer! Also, when you start to shine over the time take a tissue paper or a blotting paper and take the excess oil of and then apply a new layer of powder to your face! This is a way that you can use to prevent a cake face.

Tip 6.
Masks. I love to use mattefing mask! They will make my face Matt for a few days. I really like the Loreal Paris Pure Clay Masks! I al 3 on different parts on my face! This because some parts of my have other needs than mattefing!

I hope I helped you out with my tips! And if you have any tips ! I would love to try them!

I see you soon!

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