How I do my lips!


Hello my loves,
Today I will show you how I do my lips!

I love to wear lipstick and liquid lipstick a lot. I like glossy lips two but I am more a Matt type of person.

At first.

I like the size of my lips. My upper lip is a little smaller than my bottom lip and my lips aren't the same on both sides. When I don't wear lipstick or something I don't mind it but when I wear lipstick I like my lips to be the same on both sides!

Today I will be using a lip liner. If you don't have a lip liner with the color you want to use or if you don't like lip liners then you van do the outlining of your lips with a lip brush and the lipstick itself.

Let's start.
 At first I will start with my upper lip. I always make my lips a little more round. I don;t like the really pointy lips on me. I draw a little above my own lip line so I can make my lips even, But I always stay true at the corners of my mouth! If you don't do that you can see that the lines are fake!

Then the bottom lip. This is for me the hardest party of my lips... I have a little point under the middle of my bottom lip so it I go a little to low you van see it. So I stay true at lip line on the bottom of my lips. But on the sides on my lip I will correct them. But at the corners of my lips I still will be true to my own lip line. This so it looks less fake. I also fill in my lips with the lip liner so the lipstick has a nice base.

Then after I applied the lipstick over the lip liner this is the outcome. I always have to be careful that I don't over draw my lips too much. But If you remember the steps your lips will look great! Line your lips in the shape you like that's what matters!
I hope I could learn you something.

The products I have used are:

Essence cosmetics lip liner in the color 08 Red Blush and the Rimmel London Apocolips Lip Velvet in the color 307 Meteoric Matte.

I see you soon !

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