The I heart Makeup Golden chocolate bars.


 Hello my loves,
Today we are gonna talk about the gold bar pallets from I heart Makeup.

As some of you may know there are 2 blog post of the other pallets. Part 1 and Part 2. And there will me 1 more with the other 3 pallets soon!

Let's take a look at the products.

At first we are gonna take a look at the mini golden chocolate bar. The Bronze and Glow pallet.
At first the packaging.

I love the packaging of this mini bar! Brown gold and pink ! Super cute!
YAAS! Just YAAAS! I love the look of all the chocolate pallets so much! It is so cute!
Now lets go to the products itself. You have a big highlighter and a smaller bronzer. I wish what the bronzer was the big one because I love big bronzer pans. I really like the design in the powder it is perfect for the team of this pallet.


I love the pigmentation of the powder. But I am afraid that the bronzer will be to light for me. But the pigment is really nice and the powders are really soft. There is no kick back at the powder.
Here a picture from my face without bronzer and highlighter.

And here with the bronzer and highlighter.
I like the bronzer and the highlighter! But the bronzer is a little light for me so I have to apply a lot or wear it when I am a little more on the fair side. But for my light skin girls I think you will love it !

Now on to the Golden Bar eyeshadow pallet.

At first the packaging.

I like the golden hearts on the packaging and the gold ! The gold makes it perfect for Christmas and new year's eave!
On the back of the packaging you can see al the colors that are in the pallet.
As I said before I love the looks of al the pallets of the chocolate products line!
At the inside you find a lot of Georges warm tones shadows and a few cool tones shadows! I love this kind of pallets a lot ! I love to wear warm tones shadows so much! I think it makes my blue eyes pop!
 I love the shadows! Only the first 2 and the last shadow has only some glitters in it there is no color to it. And there is no Matt shadow in this pallet. I find this really sad because I love
Matt colors a lot. But the shimmers are really nice ! And the pigment is beauty full!

 Here is the eye look without mascara and as you can see the colors blend really nice and give a nice color pay off! I used the bronzer in my crease at first so I had 1 Matt color and then I used the shimmery shades in my crease. I like the look of it but I prefer Matt colors for in the crease!
I really like these pallets! I think when you're on a budget and love warm tones shimmery shadows you also will love it !

So for my fair girls go and buy the face pallet! And for my warm tone and shimmer lover go and buy the eyeshadow pallet!
In the Netherlands you van buy these pallets at Trekpleister The face pallet costs 6 euros and the eyepallet 8 euros.
And for the US and UK at TamBeauty!

I see you soon!

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