Essence My Must Haves Single Eyeshadows.


Hello my loves,
Today I wan't to talk about a very nice new launch.

Finally there is a budged brand that has single eyeshadows! They also have blushes, highlighters and setting powders to put in the empty palettes!
So lets take a look!

At first the packaging. 
The palette it self looks and feels very cheap. I don't really care for the price! The eyeshadows aren't magnetic pans. There is a black paice of plastic around it and then they fit perfectly in the palette. I have bought the biggest palette for 8 eyeshadows but there is also a palette for 4 eyeshadow's.

The eyeshadows that I have.
Black is black - Mauvie-time - Miss foxy roxy - Go goldie!
Brownie'licious - Chilli vanilli - Stay in coral bay - Snowflake
The left 4 shades are Matte and the 4 right shades are Shimmery.

Snowflake - Go goldie! - Stay in coral bay - Miss foxy roxy - Chilli vanilli - Mauvie-time - Brownie'licaus - Black is black.

The Shimmery shades have a over pray sadly enough. So they look amazing at the first few times. But when the over spray is gone the shadow's aren't that Shimmery anymore. And Stay in coral bay is the one shadow that has almost no pigment. The Matte shadow's are a little dry but nice and pigmented,
 Let's try them on my eye's!
 On my eye's I used Chilli vanillie, Mauvie-time. Brownie'licaus and Go goldie.
The Matte shadow's are nice and pigmented but you have to take your time with your blending then they look line. I am very sad that the Shimmers have a over spray. They are so beautyfull but when the over spray is gone they aren't this beautyfull anymore.

I think that the eyeshadows are nice for the price.

The single shadow's and the empty palette where you can put 4 shadow's are € 1,59.
And the palette where you can put 8 shadow's in is €1,99.
You can get them at Kruidvat.

I can't find places in the UK and US where they sell them at this moment.
They will come there very soon I think so have an eye on the places where you normally sell youre Essence Cosmetics!

I see you soon !

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