Sleek Makeup contour kit.


Hello my loves,
Today I wan't to talk about the Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in Dark.
I also have light and medium so I will swatch all of them so you can see the colors. And will use the dark one on my face. 

Lets start with the packaging of the contourkit.
I really like the look of the contourkit. It looks the same as the eyeshadowpalette but smaller. I love the matte and shinny black and I like it that it is so small and thin.
As you can see the contour pan is bigger than the highlighter pan. I think that is very nice because you use not that much of an highlighter. 

Swatches of all the 3 shades.
Dark- Medium- Light
I think that the all the shades are very nice. I use all of them and the all work for me.
It is very important that there is a light one. This because there are not that many good contour shades for fair skintones. I don't like the highlighters on myself. I don;t think the look great on me. But I think that they can look great on you.

On my face.
Here I used the shade dark on my face. Normally I use the medium and I love that shade I use it for 3 years now I think. But I do like this shade as well. I used a very small amount and I think it looks very nice. 

So If you want to get a very nice contour kit for a budget price give this one a shot! Take a look on your skin and than order a light, medium or dark one. The powders blend very nice and the are nice and compact.

I think that a lot of people will enjoy them!

In the Netherlands, UK and USA you can get this contourkit at Sleekmakeup

I see you soon ! 

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