Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny eyeshadow palette.


 Hello my loves,
Today I have a eyeshadow palette to show you and I am very excited!
I bought my first 2 Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. The Androgyny eyeshadow palette and the Siberian Gold Skin Frost. You will see the skin frost very soon.
And for my Duchie's you can get Jeffree Star Cosmetics new at Themakeupspot !

Now lets start with the packaging, 
 The box looks very nice in my opinion. It is brown with golden letters.  It has the logo from Jeffree Star Cosmetics ans the name of the palette on it.

Alright I am on love with the look of this palette. I love the pink and the gold together. Ans I love it that the palette has a texture. The palette is nice and thin so it is very travel friendly.

 The inside of the palette.
 On the inside of the palette you have a nice size of an good quality mirror. I love the look of the frond. Than you have the 10 huge eyeshadow pans. I also realy like the fact that the names of the shadow's are on the inside of the palette.

Swallow-Poison -Military-Fetish-Androgyny-Dominatrix-Déjà Vu-Charm-Safe Word-Frosting

Al the shadow's are very pigmented and smooth. They are nice and even in pigment and texture. I love these eyeshadows! and I love the fact that there are a lot of warm shade's in this palette but also some pops of color. There are 8 matte shades in this palette and 2 shimmer shades.

Let try it on my eyes.
 I primed my eyes with my regular concealer and setted it with my translucent face powder. So I made sure I had a nice base to work with.

Than I applied some Safe word in to my upper crease as an transition shade.
  Than I applied Charm over the Sade word shadow to warm the transition up. I am a sucker for warm toned eyelooks so yeah. I had to do this.

 Than I used some Fetish. I think that this is one of my favorite colors ever. I blended Fetish in to my crease and I made sure I didn't blended it higher than the other 2 shades that we applied. I blended some Charm on top of the edges so there were no hard lines.

 Than I applied a second coat of Fetish and than I was completely happy with the color.

 I blended Dominatrix as lowest in my crease. I blended little by little. This so make sure I could blend everything and there were no hard lines.

 I also blended Dominatrix in my outer corner and applied Déjà Vu on the rest of my eyelid. I am in love with this color!

 I applied Frosting as my innercornor highlighter and used Fetish and Charm under my lower lashline. And I applied some mascara. 

What I also created using this palette.
I used all the shadows on my face and the shadows blended like a dream.

I highly recommend this eyeshadow palette. If you like warm tones and sometimes a pop of color this is the palette for you!

In the Netherlands you can get this palette at Themakeupspot for €45,-
And in the US and UK you can order it from Jeffreestarcosmetics for 45,-

I see you soon !

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