Essence Shine Shine Shine Wet look Lipgloss.


Hello my loves,
Today I want to talk about the Essence Shine Shine Shine Wetlook Lipglosses.
I don't really wear lipgloss. I prefer a matte lip but maybe I do like these lipglosses.
So lets take a look!

At first the packaging.
 The packaging is almost the same as the Essence Matte Matte Matte Longlasting Lipgloss. They have the same applicator. The only different is that the cap is silver and shiny and the name. When I got 2 lipglosses you got a little makeup bag for free. I do like the packaging but I think it looks a little sheap.

 01 Behind the Scenes - 05 So into it!
I got these 2 colors because all the other colors were very pink based and I don't like a lot of pink lipcolors. And I thought that I could wear the Behind the Scenes over a liquid lipstick or something. 

On the lips.

01 Behind the Scenes.

the lipgloss is nice and shiny and it doesn't settle in the fine lines of my lips. It is very thick and feels nice and moisturizing. The only downside is that I can taste the lipgloss and I think it doesn't taste very nice.
I love the color of this lipgloss! And it is nice and pigmented. You have to apply one coat and you the full color. The lipgloss is nice and even on the lips and it looks very nice in my opinion. But again I don't like the taste.

For all my shiny liplook girls out there I think you would really like these ones. The aren't sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. But when you hate lipglosses that you really can taste I think you don't like them. But when you want a nice affordable and rich in pigment lipgloss you need to try them!

In the Netherlands you can get them at Kruidvat for €1,99.
In the UK and the US you can them at you normal Essence selling point.

I see you soon !

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