Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder.


 Hello my loves,

Today we are going to talk about my fave pressed translucent powder!
I use this powder for years!
I want you to show this powder!

The packaging.
The packaging is not special or very pretty I think. It is simple and that is alright! The inside is the best part.

The powder is very nice and fine. It blends nice in to the skin and it mattefies really nice!

On my face!

The powder looks really nice on the face! You can't see it on the face and it does not make your face lighter! It keeps you Matt for a long time and I like that a lot!

If you are looking for a cheap powder that sets your makeup and keeps you Matt for a long time I think you would like it a lot!

I'm sorry this is so short but I don't know what to tell about it is just good!

You can buy it at Kruidvat in the Netherlands for 2,99 Euro.
In the UK you can buy it at Wilko for 3 Pounds.
And in the US you can buy it Ulta at for 3,99 US Dollars.

I see you soon!

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