Estée Lauder Little Black Liner.


Hello my loves,

First of all I hope you're 2017 started amazing!

Today I want to talk about the Estée Lauder Little Black Liner.
I have got this liner because I am a #BeautyloverEsteeLauder #glamourbeautylover for Glamour NL.

Let's start with the packaging.
The packaging is the normal blue and gold what almost all the Estée Lauder products have. As I have said before I love the way that the products from Estée Lauder looks. And as you can see this eyeliner has a thick side and a fine side.

Let's take a look at the pigment.

 As you van see the liners are nice and black and you can see the size differences of the liners. The fine liner feels really hard and the thicker side feels a little softer.

Let's take a look how I use it.
 Here I have a bare eye.

I make an outline with the fine side. It was really hard to do this. The felt tip is to hard so it doesn't glide over you're eyelid's and there is not a lot of pigment that came of the point.

 Then I fill it in with the thicker side. This can be very hard because it is so big. This is why my liner is bigger at this moment. I can make better lines with the thicker side than with the fine side. The thick side has a lot more pigment than the fine side as well.

It is a little harden with this eyeliner to make a nice and sharp winged liner. I like the thicker side for a line with no wing. But for a winged liner I will use on of my other liners. And when I use eyeliner I wear a winged liner.

I think what you will like it as you prefer a felt tip liner with a hard point. But for me it is a no.
I will use it because I have it but I wouldn't buy it myself.

In the Netherlands you can buy it at Douglas for 28,95 euro.
In the US you can buy it at Sephora for 31 US dollar.
In the UK you can but it at Boots for 22 UK pound.

I see you soon!

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