Colourpop Lippsiestix part 2


Hello my loves,
Today I will show you part 2 of my lippiestix collection.
Here you can read Part 1.

First I wan't to say that some lip swatches look a little funny. I bought a new camera and I haven't figured everything out yet.

But let's go!

As I said before I love the packaging of the lippiestix. The white and the logo looks stunning.

Here are the colours I have so far.

Upside Down - Hype Girl - Daydream -  Hotline

The lipsticks have a creamy feel and finish. I love the colors and the pigment that they give

on my lips.

Upside Down.

This is a very light orange of shade. I don't really know if I like this color on me. I have to wear it more before I can make my mind up.
I think this would look gorgeous on light skin tones. When you are more tanned than I am, I think it is to light!
But all over I like the shade.

Hype Girl.

This is a natural pink shade. I am not a big pink lover, so I don't think I would wear it a lot, but who know's? I wear pinks a lot more than a year ago. It kind of reminds me of my Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
I think this pink will look very pretty on a lot of different skin tones. So if you are a pink lover ! lets go and get it !


 YAAAAAS! I love this color!! I love dark brown colours so much. I think I will wear this color a lot!
It is a warm toned dark brown shade and I think it will look stunning on everybody!

Sorry I couldn't get a clear shot of this one. But it is a medium warm brown colour. I like it with a light brown eyelook but I don't think I would wear it a lot. I think it would look good on a lot of skin colours. 

I love the lippiestix a lot! There are a lot of different shades, and I think everybody will find a shade that they would like.
Al the lippiestix are Matte but they are not dry on the lips. They sit nice on the lips and are really pigmented.
Al these lippiestix costs 6 US dollar and you can buy them at Colourpop.

I have also a part 1 of my Lippiestix collection so take a look at that!

I see you soon!

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