Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge.


Hello my loves,

Today I want to talk about the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge
 I was so exited to get this sponge and to test it. I want to see if I like it just as much as I like my beauty blender.

The sponge.
I love the look of the sponge. It looks so nice and it is so pretty with the marble effect! The white and the grey I love it ! But I am a little afraid that the foundation will stain the white.

Gladly all the foundation will come out very easy.


 When you wet the sponge it will grow a lot! And it will be so soft! I love the texture of the sponge and the size! It is really big!

Let's use this baby!

 Here I have nothing on my face. I primed my skin with the Nivea men aftershave balm.
I used my Matte and poreles foundation and I applied it with a brush on my face. I always do this.

And then I used the sponge to blend everything out! The sponge blends very fast! This because the sponge is so big! And it has a lot of different angels so you can blend every little lines and around your nose very well.

Here is a close up from my skin with the foundation blended in to my skin with the sponge! I love the look of my skin when I use the sponge. It blends it very nice in to my skins. It blends nice and smooth

This is the end result of the look. I applied powder my face like I would do normal.

This was my full face of makeup for that day.

I really like this makeup sponge! I like it more than my beauty blender!
I think a lot of people will love the sponge.

In the Netherlands you can buy it at The makeup spot and Boozyshop for €11,95.
In the US you can but it at Real Techniques for $10.
In the UK you van but it at Boots for £12.

I see you soon.

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