NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.


Hello my loves,
Today I wan't to talk about the NYX Cosmetics Highlight and Contour Pro Palette.
I have never used a powder from NYX so I am very curious!

Let's start with the packaging.

The packaging isn't very special in my opinion. It is nice and simple with the black and white. And you can see the palette in the packaging.

At the back there is an intrusion how you can use the palette. For a beginner it can be handy but I will use it how I normal highlight and contour.

The palette itself is also very simple. You can see the powders in the packaging.

The product itself.
The top shades are 2 shimmery highlighters and 2 Matte highlighters and the bottom shades are all Matte bronzers.


On my face.

 Here I have nothing on my face.

Than I used the color  6 on my cheekbones to bring back some color back at my face. The powder blends nice on my face but you have to be carefull that you don't use to much. The powder is very pigmented and if you apply to much you have a orange line on your face.

I used the color 7 as my contour shade. I used it under my cheeks, on my temples, under my jawline and on my nose. The powder blend very nice and feels nice and soft.

 Next I used the colors 2 and 3 under my eyes, on my nose and on my forhead to highlight my face.
And I used the shade 1 on the high points of my face. I don't like the shimmery highlighters in this pallet they are very settle and I love a strong highlight.

This was the look of that day!

You can build the powders up to the intensifying that you like. There are a lot of different colors from lighter till darker colors. With a warm and a cool undertone.

The powders are nice and soft. There is a lot of fall out when you tap you're brush in the powders but I don't mind that. I love it that there are so many colors and that I can use them all at a different parts of my face,

I think a lot of differed people will like this palette a lot!
You can buy it in the Netherlands at: Douglas for €21.
You can buy it at the US at: Target for $24,99.
You can but it in the UK at : Boots for
£18 .

I see you soon!

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