Blue/ Orange eyelook.


Hello my loves,
Today I made a Blue/Orange eyelook.

I will explain everythink step for step.
I hope you like!

Lets begin with the colors that I used.
 CP Running late - MG Bitten - JS Swallow - MG Pegasus - MG High Wire - MG Dirty Martini - JS Military - CP Bell air - CP Wake up call.

CP- Colourpopcosmetics
MG -  Makeupgeekcosmetics
JS - JeffreeStarcosmetics

Lets start!
 Before I put makeup on my face I always make sure that I have cleaned my face and that I put some moisturizer on. This way my face is nice and hydrated and my foundation will look so much better then when I wouldn't moisturize my face.

For foundation I used my Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless in the shade 230 and I applied my Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer in the shade 010 porcelain with my Boozycosmetics Pro Makeup-sponge to apply it.
I made sure that I setted everything in place using my Essence all about Matt fixing compact powder and I contoured my face using my NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette in the shades 02 and 03 to brighten under my eyes and to contour my cheekbones I used 06 and 07. And for my highlighter I used my new Ofra x NikkieTutorials Everglow Highlighter. And I did my brows with my Hema eyebrow pencil in the shade 09.

Than lets start with the eyes. 
Like I always do I primed my eyes using the my Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer in the shade 010 and setted it with my face powder. This way all the eyeshadows that you put on top of it will blend a lot easier.

Than I applied some CP Wake up Call in to my uppercrease as my transition color. So the other darker shades that I will use have something to blend into.

Than I used some CP Bell Air a little lower than the Wake up Call shade that we just used and I put JS Militairy untop of the CP Bell Air. I make sure that I tap off the excess product from my brush so there isn't to much product on my brush and I can blend it out before I put more shadow on my eye.
Than I took some MG Dirty Martini because it is slightly darker than the JS Military shade. And I again made sure that I applied a little amount and build it step for step.
Than I applied the darkest shade into my crease and that's is JS Poisen (I forgot so swatch it I'm sorry) And put it derectly into my crease and made sure I didn't blended it up to high in to my crease.

Than I made brush wet with some MAC Fix+ and applied MG High Wire on the inner part of my eye and DAMM GIRL what a beautiful shade!

Than I applied MG Pegasus on the middle part of my eye and at the outer part some JS Swallow. I made sure that the shade blended in to each other nicely and there were no hard lines.

I cleaned up the outer edge of my eyeshadow with some concealer. You Also can create a sharp line if you apply some sticky tape on the out side of your eye before you start with your eyeshadow.

Than I applied some CP Running Late and MG Bitten in my lower lash line. I never tried something like this with a warm toned lower lash line and a cool toned look on my crease and upper lid. But I really like it ! As last step I applied some Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara and the look is done!!

The overall look!

I do really like the end result of this look! I love the combo of the warm and cool shades and I think that this will look good on a lot of different skintones and eyecolors!

I hope you liked this look and when you create it on your own make sure to tag me !
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I see you soon!

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