Boozy Cosmetics Pro Makeup Sponge Soft vs. Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge.


Hello my loves,

Today I will start a new series on my blog. I will make blogpost about products that are similar and then take a look which I prefer. So if you have products that that you would like to see let me know!
Today we will take a look at 2 budget makeup sponges!
The Boozy Cosmetics  Pro Makeup Sponge Soft vs. Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge!

Lets take a look at the sponges!
 The white sponge is the Boozy Cosmetics  Pro Makeup Sponge Soft and the pink one is the Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge. As you can see the shape is totally different. The texture is also a little different. The Boozyshop sponge is softer and the Peggy Sage sponge is a little firmer.

 I always wash my brushes and makeup sponges before I use them and this happened. I don't know if this happens to others op that it is just me.

What the Boozyshop says about the Boozy Cosmetics  Pro Makeup Sponge Soft:
Professional soft latex-free makeup sponge for applying and blending foundation and concealer.
Use the pointed sides for the hard to reach places like the nose, mouth and under the eyes.
Use the bulky side to apply, for example, foundation and blush on the larger faces of the face like your forehead, cheeks and chin.
Before applying foundation of concealer make the sponge moisture first (this does not absorb too much product) and apply the foundation to a dapping movement.

For the durability of the sponge and a perfect result do not make long frictional movements over the face.

Latex-free hypoallergenic foam, without color and odor. The texture is soft and non irritating to the skin.

And this is what the Peggy Sage says about there Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge:

Use these different sizes of sponge for best results when applying foundation, without applying too much and leaving marks.Put foundation on the sponge and spread it onto the face. Simply clean your sponges with soap and then rinse. Clean them regularly to keep your sponges in good condition and maintain their quality for longer.

I think that what  they say about the makeup sponges is true.

 I wanted to show you how the sponges looked when I used them and how they looks when I wash them so you can see there are no stains.
As you can see all the products is out of the sponges!
Both of the sponges grow a lot when you wet them! They are nice and soft!

Let try it on the face!

On the right side of my face I will use the Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge and on the left side the Boozy Cosmetics  Pro Makeup Sponge Soft. (yes I know I hold them at the wrong side)

 I applied the same amount of foundation on both sides om my face. I used my Milani conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation.

 The Boozy Cosmetics Pro Makeup Sponge blends in my foundation very nicely! It blends it on to my face nice and smooth coverage.

With the Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge the foundation blends well but there are some spots where the sponge takes my foundation away. But the sponge doesn't eat up my product as much as the Boozy Cosmetics Pro Makeup Sponge does. 

Then I applied my concealer and powder with the Boozy Cosmetics sponge and it blended very nice! The powder didn't get weird. And the concealer blended in to my foundation perfectly. 

With the Peggy Sage Makeup sponge the concealer and powder applied very nice as well. With my concealer it doesn't takes the product and removes it like it did with my foundation.

 Here we have a overall look before I powdered my face! I love the look what both of the sponges on my face. I can't see a lot of big difference of both sides on my face. But when I look up close I can.

 My bronzer and highlighter blended beautyfully on to my face! Sometimes when I use a sponge that didn't take the remaining product everything that I use on top of my base looks very weird.

So my conclusion is.
I prefer the Boozy Cosmetics Pro Makeup Sponge. I know there is a big crack in mine but I don't mind. The sponge is nice and soft. I like the shape a lot and it takes the perfect amount of product so my foundation and concealer doesn't looks cakey.

You can get this Makeup sponge at The Boozyshop for €4,99 and at this moment even for €2,95! So go and get it!

Then The Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge. I like it but I think it doesn't blend my foundation and concealer as nice as the Boozy Cosmetics sponge. I doesn't takes enough product and my foundation can look a little cakey at some spots.

You can get the Peggy Sage Makeup Sponge at Peggy Sage for €2,40.
And I got mine at Meco Cosmetics !

So both of the sponges are nice and budget friendly but I prefer the Boozy Cosmetics Pro Makeup Sponge Soft.

I see you soon !

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