Ofra x NikkieTutorials Collection Part 2. Nude Potion, Spell and Coven Liquidlipsticks.


 Hello my loves,

Today I want to show you the first of the two reviews that I will make about the Ofra x NikkieTutorials Collection!
Today I want to talk about the Nude Potion, Spell and Coven Longlasting Liquidlipsticks.
Here you can see the first part of the collection : Ofra x Nikkietutorials Collection Part 1. Everglow Highlighter.
I follow Nikkie for almost 4 years now I think. I alway's saw here as a big inspiration. And I loved to fact that she is Dutch and became such a big international Youtuber.

This is the first time that I bought a collection from a brand and an influencer.

Now lets take a look at the packaging!

I have the complete collection so I will talk about the box that the complete collection came in.
 I love the soft pink and the rose gold together! And DAMN GIRL! The pictures of Nikkie! Yaas ! It's a goal for me to look so perfect with makeup! The top part of the box has rose gold glitters and I have capt the packaging because I find it to beautiful to trow it away!

And than the Liquid lipsticks!
 I love the fact that you can see the color true the packaging and that I love the overall look of the packaging of the liquid lipsticks! I love the shinny cap a lot!

 Coven -  Spell - Nude potion.

Lets take a look what Ofra says about these colors!

Nude Potion -  A light neutral nude-pink long lasting liquid lipstick.
Spell - 
A neon coral pink long lasting liquid lipstick with a slight sheen and buildable formula.
Coven - 
A neutral metallic brown long lasting liquid lipstick.

I think that they gave a pretty good explanation about the colors!

Lets test them on my lips!

Nude Potion.
 I am not a light pink nude kind of a girl but I have to say I like this color a lot! I them when I get more then in the next days (It's very nice weather in the Netherlands at this moment!) it will be to light! But I this this will look stunning on a lot of different skintones!

 I this I dis like this one the most of all 3. I love the color but because it is a more sheer formula you have to build the color and on my lips it looks very odd. But I love the color so I still will wear it ! And again I think that this will look good on a lot of different skintones!
I think that this color is my favorite from the 3! I love the formula. It's full coverage and it didn't look odd on my lips ! You have to get used to wear these colors but I think that I will wear it a lot!!

I think that a lot of people will love this liquidlipsticks! So if you see a color that you like buy it ! And I think you will be very happy with it!

You can get them at :

The individual liquidlipsticks for $19,90
The 3 liquidlipsticks for $49,70
The box for $79
( And you can use the discountcode NIKKIE)

The individual liquidlipsticks for €18,49
The box for €67,95

The individual liquidlipsticks for £16,50
The box for £55

I see you soon !

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