How to make a small winged liner.


 Hello my loves,

Today I will show you how I apply my small winged liner. If you want to see a step by step blogpost about how to apply a thick winged liner let me know!
A little disclamer! I am wearing winged liner for almost 7 years now. And I have practised a lot.
You have to learn about youre eye shape and how you like youre liner.
So yeah practise a lot. And don't forgetmakeup washes off at the end of the day. And wear youre makeup the way you like it !

So now lets start!!
 I love to use gelliner with the brushes that you can see in the top foto. But also I love my NYC black liquid liner or my Catrice Liquid Liner. Today I am using my NYC black liquid liner.

 I always make sure that I apply some concealer and facepowder on my eyelids. This way my eyeliner won't transfer during the day.

 Than I start with the inner part of the eyeliner. I always try to make this as thin as possible. And when that doesn't work I know that I have a bigger eyeliner day.

 Than I make the outlining of the wing. I use my lower lashline as guidline for my wing.

 Then I make a line from the outline to my lashline. I make sure that I don't make it to big so I can connect it to my innercorner.

 Than I connect the wing to the innercorner. make sure that you don't make a thick line. This way you don't have to correct a lot.

 Than I fill in the parts where you see my skin and it's done! Apply some mascara and you are good to go!

For me this is a small wingedliner but I understand that some of you think this is dramatic. I would wear this everyday (what I have done for over 2/3 years).

I hope you have learned somthing from this step by step look. And let me know if you have some tips and tricks that I have to try!

An let me know what youe favorite eyeliner is !!

I see you soon!

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