Ofra x NikkieTutorials Collection Part 1. Everglow Highlighter


 Hello my loves,

Today I want to show you the first of the two reviews that I will make about the Ofra x NikkieTutorials Collection!
Today I want to talk about the Highlighter Everglow.
I follow Nikkie for almost 4 years now I think. I alway's saw here as a big inspiration. And I loved to fact that she is Dutch and became such a big international Youtuber.

This is the first time that I bought a collection from a brand and an influencer.

Now lets take a look at the packaging!

I have the complete collection so I will talk about the box that the complete collection came in.

I love the soft pink and the rose gold together! And DAMN GIRL! The pictures of Nikkie! Yaas ! It's a goal for me to look so perfect with makeup! The top part of the box has rose gold glitters and I have capt the packaging because I find it to beautiful to trow it away!

Then the highlighter.
The highlighter is in the standard Ofra highlighter packaging. I think that this packaging is okay but special no. But the insides counts! And I like the fact that I can see the colors when I have it in my powder draw.

Al the colors mixt (perfect for medium/ dark skintones) - the darkest shade (perfect for dark skintones) - the middle shade (perfect for all skintones) - the lighters shade (perfect for all skintones especially light skintones).

What Ofra says about this highlighter:

A three-in- one luminous highlighter complete with frosty white, neutral shimmer and sun-kissed copper shades. Mix all three together for a “lit from within” healthy glow.
The silky highlighters double as three shimmering eyeshadow powders, making the compact an economical yet luxurious choice for looking fabulous day to night.

OFRA Laboratory’s liquid baked technology includes some of the highest grade pearls and richest pigments on the market, prompting makeup lovers to explore their creativity with this premier product.

I think that this a very good explanation about this product.

For me the 2 lightest shade are perfect mixt together. And I love to use the darkest shade as an eyeshadow. I am a big warmtoned lover. (a lot of you will already know from my eyelook over here on my blog)

Lets use this baby!
I think I found my new favorite highlighter.
I love the fact that you can make this highlighter as intense as you want. I love an intense highlighter and it is very easy to build this beauty! And for an eyeshadow! OW MY GOD! The texture of this is so soft and pigmented.

I this that everybody will fall in love with this highlighter.
So as long as it is in stock go and get it!
You can buy the bundle or all the products separately.

You can get the box and the separate products at :

The highlighter for $35
The box for $79
( And you can use the discountcode NIKKIE)

The highlighter for €32,95
The box for €67,95

The highlighter for £25
The box for £55

I see you soon !

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