Warm toned smokey eye party look.


Hello my loves,

Today I want to show you a warm toned smokey party look. 

As some of you know I love warm toned eyelooks and I don't use a lot of cool tones.If you want to see some cool toned looks let me know!!

A little disclamer! I lost some first 2 pictures of the look. I will talk you true this point of the look!

Lets start with the shadow's that I used.

JS Déjá Vu- CP Cloud Nine- MG Coco bear- CP I owe you- CP Paper Tiger- MG Chikadee- CP Running Late- CP Locked and Loaded

JS= Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
CP= Colourpop.
MG= Makeuogeek.

Lets start with the look.

I started with prepping my eyelid with some concealer and facepowder. I applied the facepowder untop of the concealer so the base isn't sticky and the other shadow's will blend nicely on top. I also applied some sticky tape at the corners of my eyes. I want a sharp outline of my eyeshadow.

Than I blended CP Locked and Loaded in my upper crease with a big fluffy blending brush. I blend this all over so there is a nice and warm toned transition to blend the darker shades into.

I blended CP Running late untop of Locked and Loaded. But I made sure that I didn't go higher than the transition shade! I used the same big fluffy brush as I used before.

Than I take a smaller blending brush and I blended MG Chickedee, CP Paper Tiger and CP I owe You in to my crease. I mixed the colors and looked at that the overall look and if I like the result. So mix and match and stopp when you like the blend and the color.
Than I blended MG Coco Bear in to my crease. I blended this slightly up to the other color so there is a nice transition before I take the darkest shade that we will use today. Make sure that there are no hard lines! When you have some take one of the lighter shades and blend it on top of the darker shade.

And than I used CP Cloud Nine directly in my crease. I made sure that I build this color in to my crease. This so I could blend everything out before I applied more shadow on to my eye. When you can't get a nice transition just take one of the lighter shades and blend it on top of the shade that doesn't blend nicely.

Then I blended CP Cloud Nine at the outer corner on my eyes and on the outer party of my eyelid.

And than I used one of my favorite eyeshadow's on to my lid. JS DéJá Vu. I made sure that I blended the edge with the CP Cloud Nine eyeshadow so there is a nice transition with the colors.

Than I removed the sticky tape and cleaned up the fallout that I had on my face.

After my foundation and concealer I applied CP Paper Tiger and MG Coco Bear under my eye and I made sure that I blended this very well!

Than I applied some mascara and that finished the look!

I hope that you love the look as much as I do !
Let me know what kind of look you would like to see next.

And when you recreate this look make sure so TAG me in your picture on social media!
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I see you soon !!

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