Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in Siberian Gold.


 Hello my loves,
Today I want to talk about this beauty from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
I have a review of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette on my blog and this is my second product of Jeffree Star.
I have the color Siberian Gold. There are a lot of different shades in the Skin Frost's so there is always a color that you would like.

Lets take a look at the packaging.
 The packaging of the highlighter itself is a real barbie pink color. I like the look of it! And with the gold letters and logo! Just Yaaaas! There is a big mirror on the inside of the highlighter and the pan is huge!

As you can see it is very BIG! I like the fact that it is so big so I won't have to get another time!

And than the box.
 The box has the same shade as the packaging of the highlighter itself. I love it. On the top of the box is the shade name. I couldn't make a nice picture of it but it is there.

And then the inside.
 Siberian Gold is a peachy golden highlighter. It is lighter than So F*cking Gold and King Tut. But if you have a lighter complexion than me I think that Siberian Gold is to dark for you. I love the shade very much!

 There is a nice amount of pigment and the highlighter blends very well. In my opinion you have to use a damp brush to make the highlighter pop! I do not mind that but I know that some people want a poping highlighter right away.

On my face.
Here I have used a small amount of the highlighter with a dray brush. I think that this is nice for a everyday look.(for me this is a everyday glow) It blends very nice and I think it looks very nice on my skintone.

And here you can see the effect of the highlighter applied with a damp brush! I love the way this looks! I think that this is the perfect look for a party or at work (Yes I do this sometimes) Just for everything!

So if you are looking for a beautiefull and pigmented highlighter I think you need to try the Skin Frosts my Jeffree Star Cosmetics. There are a lot of different shades so you always find a shade that you like!

If you are a little darker than me or the same shade as me the Siberian Gold will look stunning on you! Then you are lighter then me I think Ice Cold will looks like magic on you!

In the Netherlands you can get it at Themakeupspot for €30,-
In the UK you can get it at Beautybay for £25,50
And in the US or at the rest of the world just at Jeffreestarcosmetics for $29,-

I see you soon!

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